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Ordering Transcripts

To order transcripts, students must first create an account through Parchment. Please follow the instructions below carefully.


TO CREATE A PARCHMENT ACCOUNT: Students will create a "New Learner Account" on BHS’s Parchment website.

Students will need to know the following before signing up:

  • Electronic transcripts are not available if you graduated prior to 2002. Contact the BHS registrar if you are a graduate prior to 2002.
  • Use full, legal name when creating an account- no nicknames
  • Do NOT use frogrock email account. Use a personal email account, as frogrock deactivates when you graduate.
  • Last Year Attended refers to a student's GRAD YEAR.
  • Be sure to "waive your rights". This grants BHS Counseling Dept. permission to upload your transcript.
  • Check the box that you would like Parchment to save a copy of your unofficial transcript for you to view for your records.
  • Note that a student's transcript is not automatically uploaded. Ms. Hughes, counseling secretary, must approve the request first. Please be patient!


FOR UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: Step-by-step instructions 

The moment you create your Parchment account, an automatic Unofficial Transcript Request is sent to the BHS counseling department.  That request will be approved within 24 hours as long as you do not owe a fine.  Once it is approved, you will be able to see a thumbnail of your transcript.  You may review and print out this unofficial transcript from your Parchment account. After each semester, after grades have been posted, students will need to update their transcript on Parchment, it will not automatically update for you. To do so, click on the thumbnail of your transcript and click the "Update" tab one time. The counseling office will need to approve the request before you are able to see your latest unofficial transcript.  

NOTE:  The University of Washington and the University of California system schools do not require an Official Transcript to be sent to their institutions.   However, they do require that students self report all of their courses and grades.

Students will need the unofficial transcript in Parchment to complete the University of Washington, University of California and California State University applications.

Please ask anyone in the counseling office to help you with this process if you encounter difficulty! 


HOW TO ORDER YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPT: Step-by-step instructions

Before Graduation, send one FINAL TRANSCRIPT directly to the college you plan to attend. Be sure to mark "Hold For Grades" in your request.